Example Of Preposition

What is Preposition?
A Preposition is a joining word which relates a person and a thing and is placed before a noun. It shows the relation between two things. The examples are in, on, of, off, at, over, under etc. Now we'll discuss about the example of preposition.


Example Of Preposition

Quite a number of words may be used to denote time. The choice of word depends on what the speaker wants to convey. In most cases the choices are very easy.

Example Of Preposition

1. AT

Example Of Preposition

Point of time at 5o' clock, at noon, at midnight

Festival at Christmas,

Meal time at lunch, at dinner

Indefinite period at dawn, at midnight

2. ON

Day in spring, in winter

Datein 1969, in 2010

Day+ morning, evening in March, in July

Afternoon, nightin the morning

3. In

Seasonin spring

Yearin 1969, in 2010

Month in March, in July

Dayin early morning


1. At*

The car stopped at the traffic light

He stood at the end of the queue

2. On*

The books are lying on the table.

The notice is pasted on the wall.

3. In*

There is no milk in the bottle.

There are many pictures in this book.

4. Over*

The fan was just over my head.

The king rules over his kingdom.

5. Under*

I lay just under the fan.

A cat is sitting under the table.


1. TO

Last Evening we went to the theatre.

A car took us to the station.

2. Into

He jumped into the river to save the drowning man.

I went straight into my father's office.

3. Up

Climb up on the tree.

We walked up to the hill to the old church.


1. ABOUT It suggests the subject of a conversation, book, etc.: He told us about his past experiences.

2. BESIDES = in addition to: I can't do this alone. You'll have to ask someone beside me.

3. BYIt suggests the person or thing that did something: This novel was written by

Jane Austen.

4. FOR It shows purpose: Let's go for a cup of coffee.

5. FROMsuggests the source of something: I've received a present from my father. Take a glass from the cupboard.From your story it is quite clear that you are innocent.

6. INsuggests the interior of any thing: It was so pleasant to walk in the forest. Today she is in a cheerful mood.

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